The Science Of Simulation

How Simulation Works

Learners Respond To Real-world Scenarios, Receiving A Customized Experience Based On Their Decisions.

Assess Learner Decisions In Context And Deliver Personalized Feedback
  • Assess current behaviors to create a baseline
  • Identify learning needs and knowledge gaps
  • Quantify behavior change over time
Allow Learners To Make Decisions In Real-word Scenarios
  • Improve learning, retention and application of knowledge
  • Accelerate competency and mastery
  • Expose learners to new situations to improve outcomes

Allow Learners To Make Decisions In Real-word Scenarios

Assess Learner Decisions In Context And Deliver Personalized Feedback

Simulation Learning Approach

Learning isn’t linear. A simulation learning approach introduces branching logic, allowing learners to make decisions and experience the consequences in the context of a broader story.

Learner Path

Learner Outcome

Experience Simulation

Transform the way you connect with your audience to create greater engagement and improve outcomes.

First Person

Transport viewers to a moment in the healthcare experience.


Include video, audio and imagery to create emotional engagement.


Learners make decisions in context and experience the consequences.



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Case Studies

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Continuing Medical Education Simulation Identifies Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment of Shift Work Disorder

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