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The Benefits of Simulation

Use DecisionSim Technology to unlock the power of simulation

Improved Outcomes

Learners benefit from seeing the results of their decision-making in real-time, leading to improved retention and immediate application.

Actionable Insights

Each and every decision can be analyzed at individual, group and aggregate levels to help transform data into insights and recommendations.

The Science Of Simulation

Simulation That’s Easy To Implement

How Simulation Works

Learn how to improve outcomes through simulation

Simulation Learning Approach

Create an adaptive learning experience

Experience Simulation

Transform the way you engage your audience



03 Jan 2018

Educational Measures and Kynectiv Partner to Bring Simulation to Live Meetings

17 Mar 2017

Kynectiv Appoints Dr. Gayle Shaw-Hones as Director, Learning & Development

13 Jan 2017

Amanda Glazar Joins Kynectiv As Director of Medical Education


19 Dec 2017

Leveraging Simulation-Based Technology in Training

03 Oct 2017

Simulation Ranks #1 for “Most Effective” Educational Method by ACEHP Members

26 Jul 2017

DecisionSim: More than Just Clinical Learning

Case Studies

08 Oct 2014

Embracing Branched Learning Techniques to Drive Better Education Outcomes

04 Aug 2014

Continuing Medical Education Simulation Identifies Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment of Shift Work Disorder

25 Sep 2013

Web-based Clinical Simulations Help Professional Society Members Better Diagnose And Treat Anaphylaxis

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