Decision Simulation LLC, the leading provider of simulation platforms to enhance and assess decision-making, was recently named as one of the three finalists for the 2013 Innovation Awards.  The Philadelphia Business Journal and its presenting sponsor, United Healthcare, identified innovative leaders in health care and life sciences. Those who nominated Decision Simulation as a finalist for the Early Stage Company category pointed to the fact that Decision Simulation’s flagship product, DecisionSim™, is an innovative solution to a difficult problem –educating healthcare providers to improve their ability to make effective and appropriate decisions in the clinical environment.

“Deliberate practice in a safe, simulated environment offers learners the opportunity to explore the effects of different clinical decisions,” said Bob Yayac, president of Decision Simulation.  “Experiencing the effects of those decisions and learning from their consequences ultimately forms the basis for better decision-making.”

Many factors led to Decision Simulation being named a finalist in this year’s Innovation Awards.  DecisionSim not only helps improve clinical outcomes, but also significantly reduces the cost and time to develop custom simulations, a key barrier to more widespread simulation use.  DecisionSim allows educators to quickly and easily build simulations to address their specific needs as well as update and repurpose them for multiple audiences and uses.  In addition, DecisionSim is available via the web and on mobile devices, increasing the accessibility of the education.

Also taken into consideration was the company’s rapid success. DecisionSim was licensed from the University of Pittsburgh in 2010 and by 2011, the company secured a pilot program with the Department of Veterans Affairs. This pilot grew into a five year enterprise license in 2012.  Currently, customers include healthcare systems as well as leading professional societies, pharmaceutical and medical device firms, continuing medical education providers, and academic institutions in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Europe.

“Decision Simulation is helping healthcare organizations meet the demands of new healthcare regulations by leveraging the educational value of simulations. We’re helping organizations around the world meet the demands of changing healthcare delivery models, reduce errors and introduce new evidence-based approaches,” said Yayac.

Each year, the Innovation Awards celebrate companies in health care and life sciences that continue to reshape the medical industry in Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey.  In addition to the Early Stage Company category, other categories included Health Care CEO of the Year, Health Care Company of the Year, Best Medical Device, Education/Researcher of the Year, Patient Safety Award, and Sustainability Award.

Judges included Susan Delaney, director of government affairs and policy at Coriell Institute for Medical Research; Tina Hansen-Turton, Convenient Care Association president and CEO of the National Nursing Centers Consortium; Dr. David Nash, dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health; and Andrew Remes, PhD, CLP and licensing manager for the Office of Technology Management at the University of Pittsburgh.

“It is an honor to join such distinguished company,” said Yayac, “and to be recognized for our innovation by such a notable panel of judges.”

About Decision Simulation

Decision Simulation is the leading provider of cloud and mobile-based simulation platforms to enhance and assess decision-making. Our flagship product, DecisionSim™, allows educators to author customizable, competency-based learning experiences, which can be efficiently and cost effectively created and deployed anytime, anywhere. Learners benefit from the realistic and engaging simulations that have multiple outcomes based upon decisions made, resulting in enhanced decision-making. Through detailed data collected during the simulation, educators gain objective data on learners’ decisions. Decision Simulation provides flexible engagement models, including consulting and simulation development services, to allow our clients to accelerate the benefits of our simulation platform.

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