A simulation-based technology platform that enhances training programs by allowing organizations to easily create immersive, engaging simulations that deliver insights and improve outcomes through
“real-world” engagement.

How DecisionSim Works

Learners Respond To Real-world Scenarios, Receiving A Customized Experience Based On Their Decisions.

Assess Learner Decisions In Context And Deliver Personalized Feedback
  • Assess current behaviors to create a baseline
  • Identify learning needs and knowledge gaps
  • Quantify behavior change over time
Allow Learners To Make Decisions In Real-word Scenarios
  • Improve learning, retention and application of knowledge
  • Accelerate competency and mastery
  • Expose learners to new situations to improve outcomes

Allow Learners To Make Decisions In Real-word Scenarios

Assess Learner Decisions In Context And Deliver Personalized Feedback

Creating Simulations with DecisionSim Technology

DecisionSim makes it easy to build simulations that engage your audiences and improve outcomes.

First Person

Transport viewers to a moment in the healthcare experience.


Include video, audio and imagery to create emotional engagement.


Learners make decisions in context and experience the consequences.

Data and Insights

DecisionSim is engineered to provide data from every learner interaction. Track learner engagement, understand decisions made and improve outcome measures over time. All made available in a simple infographic reporting interface.

Infographic Reporting

Simple Features, Extensive Benefits

Only DecisionSim combines the benefits of a sophisticated simulation engine with the flexibility of an interactive authoring tool. The result? Engaging simulations for a fraction of the cost, with the data you need to improve learner outcomes.

Simulation Learning Approach

Incorporates learner control, feedback, and adaptive sequencing

Leverage modern education models

Controlled Decisions

Learner choices and feedback are pre-defined to ensure learning and outcomes

Engagement Focused Design

Make choices in real-world scenarios with video, audio, and imagery

Gamification Experience

Track progress, offer recognition and rewards—appeal to competitive nature

Measurable Results

Objectively measure application and decision-making

Track selections at each decision point to reveal opportunities for enhanced learning

Cost Effective And Agile

Easily build and implement simulations to address current needs

New simulations can be deployed quickly to respond to changing market conditions

DecisionSim Technology Applied

Creating Real-World Engagement Through Simulation


Capture Actionable Insights

Program Details:

  • Assessment program deployed to better understand key ethical decisions
  • Participants presented with typical scenarios and asked to work through ethical situations
  • Data collected and insights developed to identify aggregate and learner-specific training needs


Improve Outcomes

Program Details:

  • Training program deployed within large Health System to improve outcomes
  • Physicians presented with typical patient cases and asked to work through a simulated diagnostic process
  • Expert feedback provided at end of program as advice for optimized diagnosis and patient interaction


Engage Patients On Their Terms

Program Details:

  • Simplified patient education program leverages mobile web experience, SMS outreach and reminders
  • Short mobile lessons provided with decision consequences and feedback to make learning more actionable
  • Patient decisions captured within activities, triggering customized resources and follow-up activities



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