If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Just like planning a trip, it’s helpful to decide what type of simulation you are creating before you start working in DecisionSim.

To begin, ask yourself this simple question: “Am I sharing information, creating instruction, assessing skills, or creating a game? While we often blend different simulation types, it’s helpful to identify your primary goal.

If you are simply sharing information, then you can create a simpler simulation with a linear design. There is little need to ask questions or provide feedback. For instruction, however, the goal is to help learners improve their skills. Therefore, in addition to providing information, you will need to ask the learners questions and provide feedback. You may also include branching to demonstrate the consequences of various decisions.

If your primary goal is to measure someone’s skillset or knowledge, then you are building an assessment simulation. In this case you will probably not share information or provide feedback.

And finally, if you are creating a game, then your focus will be on building a simulation with a challenging and fun goal and on providing your learners with the chance to earn points through counters.

What types of simulations are you creating?

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