Decision Simulation LLC, the leading provider of web-based virtual patient platforms, announced today that James B. (J.B.) McGee, MD, will lead the company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB will provide the company with advice regarding the research and science related to virtual patient simulation specifically, and simulation and medical education technology generally, positioning Decision Simulation to optimally serve the medical education and healthcare delivery community.

“As the lead for the team that created this virtual patient platform, I look forward to continue playing a role as we further develop this approach and educate the medical community on its benefits and ability to improve practitioners’ clinical reasoning and decision-making skills,” said Dr. McGee.

While part of the Harvard medical faculty, Dr. McGee led a team developing some of the industry’s first virtual patients—many of which are still used today. However, recognizing several barriers to broader adoption of virtual patients, Dr. McGee later established the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Laboratory for Educational Technology (the Lab) where he developed vpSim™—the simulation technology commercialized by Decision Simulation. Decision Simulation’s goal is to provide educators, learners and administrators with easy-to-use, web- and standards-based virtual patient platforms that leverage a branched narrative approach. Using this method, authors can build cases based on their real-life experiences, while learners can make virtual care decisions in a safe learning environment, witness the immediate impact of their decisions and receive adaptive feedback on their choices at each step.

In addition to his role at Decision Simulation, Dr. McGee is also the Assistant Dean for Medical Education Technology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition where he is an active medical education leader and continues a clinical practice. He is also the co-chair of the Virtual Patient Working Group at MedBiquitous (a medical education standards-developing organization). J.B.’s past leadership positions include:

“J.B.’s invaluable experience and continued involvement with the DecisionSim™ application will ensure we are producing the optimum virtual patient platform for educators, learners and administrators.” says Bob Yayac, president of Decision Simulation. “His knowledge, experience and leadership will allow us to help train current and future healthcare providers to provide the most effective patient care possible.” Dr. McGee received his bachelors and medical degrees from Louisiana State University and served his residency at the University of Florida Health and Science Center where he later became a member of the faculty. He subsequently trained at Beth Israel in advanced endoscopy and then joined the clinical faculty and Harvard teaching staff.

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