Decision Simulation LLC, the leading provider of web-based simulation platforms for enhancing clinical decision-making, announced today that it has been awarded a contract from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for an enterprise license of the DecisionSim™ platform to further advance the VA’s efforts with SimLEARN (Simulation, Learning, Education and Research Network), a national program furthering the advancement of simulation training and education.

As a valuable resource to VA healthcare educators and providers, SimLEARN provides training through operational strategies and simulation technology in order to meet specific training goals, including those of several national clinical plans.

In 2011, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) awarded Decision Simulation a contract to provide 43,000 VHA employees access to DecisionSim through a pilot program with SimLEARN. The new license now extends the DecisionSim platform to more than 300,000 employees from all VA agencies, including the VHA and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). The newly awarded contract includes one base year and up to four option years. If all options are exercised, the total contract award will exceed $10 million.

“The VA was a pioneer in the development and adoption of EHRs and is now is at the forefront of using simulation to enhance the clinical decision-making skills of its healthcare providers to improve patient safety and outcomes,” said James B. McGee, MD, chair of the scientific advisory board at Decision Simulation. “Through this expanded program, the VA will be able to address national, regional and local training needs across their network of providers.”

By utilizing DecisionSim virtual cases, VA healthcare professionals will be better equipped to meet the needs of all veterans. These educational simulations, which replicate the complex challenges that VA healthcare providers face daily, can now be efficiently and costeffectively created and deployed as a result of the partnership. The DecisionSim platform also enables users to:

  • assess current decision-making;
  • actively practice the application of new guidelines or knowledge;
  • evaluate competency; and
  • reinforce new procedures and approaches.
Therefore, VA healthcare professionals, whether in an education or learning role, will gain access to meaningful insights into current practice habits, gaps in knowledge and deviations from best practices. Both educator and learner will benefit from DecisionSim’s use of adult learning theory and its rich feedback and data, resulting in enhanced clinical decision-making skills and improved delivery of patient care.

“We are honored that DecisionSim will continue to remain an important pillar of the SimLEARN initiative and be available to all VA employees across the nation,” said Bob  Yayac, president of Decision Simulation. “We look forward to growing our relationship with the VA and helping them to cost-effectively develop and deploy simulations that lead to better care.”

Decision Simulation teamed with Catapult Technology, Ltd., an award-winning, customer oriented, provider of full-service management consulting and information technology (IT) solutions, on this contract. Catapult is the prime contractor for this partnership and brings to this project its program management expertise, as well as past performance with the VA.

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