Decision Simulation LLC, the leading provider of web-based clinical simulation platforms, announced today that it has released a new version of its DecisionSim platform, which fosters higher-level decision-making and reasoning skills among healthcare professionals.

Based on feedback from current DecisionSim customers, this new version includes enhanced functionality, a more intuitive interface and easier navigation. Educators can develop more robust clinical simulations and administer them more easily. Learners have greater flexibility when utilizing the simulations.

Enhancements include the addition of:

  • A simpler interface for case authors that helps streamline the case development process;
  • A text response node enabling improved communication between the educator and learner;
  • A new case assignment wizard that enables educators to directly assign cases to specific learners, creating a more personalized educational plan; and
  • The ability for learners to save, exit and resume a case in progress from another computer or mobile device.
“Interactive technology tailored to the unique needs of the clinical learner is an effective way to foster new clinical skill sets,” said James B. McGee, MD, chair of the scientific advisory board and co-founder at Decision Simulation. “DecisionSim’s new features capitalize on this approach by facilitating a more collaborative and interactive clinical learning environment for both educators and learners.”

DecisionSim launched in 2010 as the commercial version of the award winning virtual patient technology, vpSim™, developed at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. DecisionSim is a standards-based clinical simulation platform leveraging a branched narrative approach that is specifically designed to develop higher level decision-making and reasoning skills among healthcare professionals. This is accomplished through the creation of clinical scenarios which include numerous decision points pertinent to each patient’s care. Learners receive immediate feedback on the impact of their decisions and can develop their skills through deliberate practice. Educators can access comprehensive data on each learner’s decision in the scenario to better understand gaps in knowledge and skills.

“With the current healthcare environment shifting to new reimbursement and care models, clinicians at all levels must be trained to make care decisions that are not just clinically appropriate, but also cost-effective,” said Bob Yayac, managing partner and co-founder at Decision Simulation. “The new release of DecisionSim has been designed to help facilitate that new training.”

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