Are you looking for strategies to harness the art of storytelling in your DecisionSim simulations? Are you tired of time-consuming editing? Check out our new style guide! It has tips for designing narrative simulations and for various writing standards.

In our guide, you’ll explore how our clients have brought their stories to life by incorporating photos of their colleagues acting as mentors, patients, and clinicians.

Additionally, you’ll discover simple writing standards you can choose before you begin developing your screens. For example, the guide suggests that you bold all learner prompts, such as “Select all that apply.” If you decide to follow this rule ahead of time, then you will not have to go back and edit for consistency later.

So, download the DecisionSim style guide today, and feel free to customize it for your own projects. Then, please post your own insights. We will updating the guide from time to time and would value your suggestions!

Here is a link to our style guide.