Many organizations are focusing on the patient journey to develop a deeper understanding of the patient experience from both clinical and non-clinical perspectives.  These journeys often start with the patient's first symptoms to their entry into the healthcare system and through their treatment course.  Organizations can use this information to develop empathy and to improve the patient experience at key steps in their journey. 

The simulations allow participants to experience various roles such as the patient, caregiver, clinician, etc.  By experiencing the patient’s journey through these different perspectives, the participant receives a more holistic understanding of the journey and builds empathy, which can improve the patient’s experience.  

The patient journey simulations offer immediate feedback to the participant based on actual insights gained from patients.  This approach increases the learning and offers an opportunity for reflection on how the participant can change their practice behavior to improve the patient experience.

Organizations have leveraged the Kynectiv simulation platform to better understand the patient experience and educate key stakeholders on their role in the patient journey.  If you’d like to learn more about engaging your audiences to build empathy, please contact me. 

Bob Yayac