As our learners and their needs continue to change, we need to ensure we are providing relevant, efficient and effective learning opportunities.  However, according to research by Deloitte Learning (Wang-Audia and Touber, 2014) the modern learner is often overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient. In fact, many learners only have 1% of a typical work week to focus on training and development.

So how best to meet these increasing demands? Simulation training. Simulation training uses a “synthetic” practice environment to teach competencies to learners and improve their performance (Salas et al., 2009).  Most organizations already use some form of simulation training in their role-play and one on one coaching programs.

To increase the opportunities for your learners to leverage this more engaging and effective approach, Kynectiv offers a cloud-based platform that allows simulations to be deployed on any device, at any time, with rich data insights.  Learners receive adaptive, experiential learning driven by our branched logic model and your content. This not only benefits learners but also provides the ability to create all types of activities. 

To meet your learner’s - and your organization’s - needs, it’s time to bring agility, personalization and measurement to training design as a best practice. Your learning programs should allow for deliberate practice to improve suboptimal behaviors while reinforcing optimal behaviors, based on data collected in the activities.

To learn how to include simulations into your next training program, contact Gayle Shaw-Hones, Director of Learning and Development, at