Most pharma and biotech companies focus on the patient journey to develop a deeper understanding of the patient experience from both clinical and non-clinical perspectives.  These journeys often start with the patient's first symptoms to their entry into the healthcare system and through their treatment course.  

Companies have leveraged the Kynectiv simulation platform to better equip field teams with the knowledge and empathy to optimize support for patients at each step in their journey.

These story-based, first-person simulations allow field teams to experience various roles such as the patient, caregiver or HCP to help them understand the clinical, emotional, logistical, educational, and reimbursement challenges faced by patients.  Immediate, personalized feedback is provided to the participant based on decisions made in the simulations.  Data is collected within the simulation to identify opportunities for improvement at both the individual and organization level.

By experiencing the patient’s journey through these different perspectives and receiving adaptive feedback, the participant receives a more holistic understanding of the journey. This approach offers an opportunity to understand the patient's experience first hand, increasing the learning and retention.

Training programs that utilize our simulation platform can improve field teams' understanding of their role in the patient journey, allowing them to provide optimal support to patients at each step in their journey  If you’d like to learn more about transforming your training programs with simulation, please contact Bob Yayac at