Three Types of Outcomes Assessment from Other Industries was published by Derek Dietze in the most recent edition of The Almanac developed by the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Profession (The Almanac: Volume 39/ Number 02/ February 2017 -

In this article, Derek describes new approaches to tackling current outcomes challenges.

The DecisionSim platform can be utilized to capture outcomes data from all three methods described in the article:

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)

  • Customer experience, satisfaction and perception of education questions can be built into your simulation and results presented in your real-time customized dashboard.
  • Include these questions in all your simulations to measure how these benchmarks change over time.

Confidence-Based Learning (CBL) Assessment

  • Incorporating confidence questions within a simulation allows you to compare the decisions made by your learners with their confidence in selecting their decision.
  • Consider asking about the learner’s confidence at multiple points in the simulation.
  • Adaptive feedback on decisions and confidence level can be provided to learners as they progress through their simulation.
  • Dashboard reporting will allow you to identify those learners who are “incorrect and highly confident” or “correct but not confident” to provide additional reinforcement of the learning.

Analysis of Cost-Savings from CEHP

  • Did you know that you can assign costs to lab, imaging and diagnostic tests in the DecisionSim platform? Length of appointment and office visits can also be counted during a simulation.
  • Using simulations is a cost-effective way at measuring the economic impact of your continuing education program.

Drop me a note so we can discuss how DecisionSim can be used to expand your outcomes capabilities!


Amanda Glazar, PhD, CHCP