Do you use post-tests and/or follow-up surveys to collect subjective level 5 outcomes data? Is lack of responses making it difficult for you to provide robust outcomes? Have you ever thought of using a simulation to gather post-activity performance data?

DecisionSim patient simulations can be used for more than just educating learners. By incorporating a short 15-minute case based simulation as part of your post-test or follow-up survey you can capture advanced outcomes data points. Going beyond right or wrong answers, DecisionSim allows you to measure the effectiveness of the education by demonstrating the HCPs ability to apply the information from your CME/CE activity into practice. Patterns in behavior change can also help you identify areas for improvement leading to your next needs assessment.

In a recent interview presented at the Spring CMEpalooza web conference, family physician Dr. Paul Doghramji shared the importance of follow-up and how to incentivize learners to view and complete these surveys. Click here to view the interview: (minutes 38:00-42:23).

DecisionSim can help you collect robust outcomes data for all your CME/CE activities. Contact me today to learn more!


Amanda Glazar, PhD, CHCP